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Britt Snyder

Influenced by late 1800’s impressionism put into a modern context, Snyder’s artwork focuses on capturing memories and feelings on canvas.   Working primarily in a figurative context, the paintings reference classical painting and photography with an emphasis on capturing and presenting moments in time and presenting the core essence of the portrayed subject.

“…Everyday moments delicately muddled through a rainy palette. A fly on the wall peering into the stillness. Each instance depicted with just enough space to fill the gaps of ghostly traces with our own narrative. Through the work of Britt Snyder, my narrative is quiet and simple. I can smell the earth and hear the small human sounds we make, even through the silence of contemplation. A body of work that speaks softly of the human condition.” -Shenyah Webb Editor, Nailed Magazine


“…You know that moment when you spot something out of the corner of your eye, and when you turn around to look at it, it’s gone? That’s the sensation we get from Britt Snyder’s paintings. His muddled brush strokes upend our perception of what’s real and what’s tangible, leaving ghostly traces that seem to follow his subjects’ movements. While his work appears to be based on everyday scenes, they become disorienting and alien because of his execution.”  -Nastia Voynovskaya Contributing writer, High Fructose: The New Contemporary Art Magazine

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